Meet Zab’s favorite film score composer, Pierre Lemarchand

Recently settled in Buenos Aires, Pierre Lemarchand, our most talented composer at Zab's reminds us with his new web site how eclectic and creative he is.

Meet Zab's favorite film score composer, Pierre Lemarchand

From motion pictures to web documentaries, theater sets to iPad apps, the unique relationship between music and modern imagery has never stopped growing.

Music usually accompanies and enhances the emotional response that visual media seek to provoke, adding a powerful extra layer to already compelling art forms.

​Pierre does just that: picture, compose, play and produce music to accompany visual projects.

across the world

​​The increasing rapidity of information exchange across the globe allows a progressive delocalization of services. Videos and music can now travel in instants between any two places, and digital meetings can be considerably effective.

Don’t let the distance intimidate you. Share your ideas and projects even if you are ​on the other side of the world.